Domestic Money Transfer

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Anytime, you may need to transfer money. This is often done outside of banking hours. Prepaidmall Money Transfer lets you send money immediately to any NEFT and IMPS-supported bank in India. Sender can easily send money to any Prepaidmall outlet in India. Within 10 seconds, the money is credited to the beneficiary’s bank account. Customers can make these transactions through highly secure servers. The transaction amount can be paid to retailers by any method. Prepaidmall allows money remittance according to RBI guidelines

Domestic Money Transfer

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Domestic Money Transfer

Platform for easy money transfer

Domestic Money Transfer

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Domestic Money Transfer

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Domestic Money Transfer

Instant Money Transfer process

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Domestic Money Transfer

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To transfer money from one place into another was complicated and time-consuming. People used long waits to transfer money between different places. Many money transfer companies have simplified the process of money transfers. Transferring money is possible in just minutes. A money agent/retailer is someone who offers money transfer services to customers. 

This is how you can become a money agent. A money agent is a professional appointed to supervise all money transactions by an investor and to track the investor’s account balance. An investor’s transaction history is also part of the job requirements of a money-transfer retailer. 

If you’re interested, this business can guarantee huge profits and a high commission on money transfers. Prepaidmall enables you to easily become an money transfer distributor while investing very little. Our company allows agents or retailers to quickly and easily transfer money to any destination. We provide money transfer resellers with the most reliable, secure and affordable money transfer services.

 Prepaidmall will make your career more lucrative and profitable by allowing you to be a Domestic Money Transfer agent. Prepaidmall can help you earn a huge amount of Domestic Money Transfer revenue by granting you a money transfers agent.

Prepaidmall  is a low-cost way to become an money transfer retailer. Prepaidmall is able to provide all the assistance required to help individuals start money transfer agents. This includes facilitating the purchase of a money transmission and completing the registration. After this step, our sales team will reach you immediately and begin the process of becoming a money transmitter distributor, or a retailer. The eligibility criteria to become an agent of money transfer is very simple. 

1) An Indian citizen must be 18 years or older before applying to register as a money transfer agency.

2) He/She must possess valid ID and Address Proof. For someone to become a money agent and get a money agent, they don’t need any other qualifications. Prepaidmall also offers a way to make an extra income by guaranteeing high commissions on money transferred to their agents. For a person to be granted a money transfer, they must first meet certain criteria

Being a money transfer agent has many benefits. The following points will help you to understand the pros and cons of becoming a money transfer agent. A money transfer agent is someone who handles cashless transactions for clients in a smooth and safe manner. You can make great profits by starting your own money transfer business. You can also enjoy a high commission as a money transfer agent. All this is possible by obtaining a Prepaidmall money transfer registration. These are just a few of the many benefits you get from being a money transfer agent.

1) High commission on money transfers:A money-transfer agent can make a lot of money and save money for the future. You can also earn a large amount of money transfer agent commissions without any difficulty. This will increase your money transfer business.

2) Very little investment:There’s no need to invest a lot to be a money transfer agent. It is easy to start your own money transfer company at a low cost.

3) It is very easy to become a money transfer agent. You only need:

  1. a) Valid Personal ID, Personal Address Proof and Shop Address Proof.
  2. b) Must be 18 years old to apply for money transfer agent registration.

4) It is easy to perform a transaction.Money transfers are now very simple thanks to the availability of many services. The process does not require any complex equipment. An agent for money transfers can use a simple app to transfer funds via web or mobile.

Complete training and development:A money-transfer agent will receive complete support and training, which will allow them to concentrate more on their business and to make a good monthly income.


Prepaidmall offers many benefits, which are listed below. These include:

1- Quick and easy money transfer. Prepaidmall enables money transfers to be made quickly and safely.

2. Excellent class margins: Prepaidmall is the best place to find class margins.

3) Instant KYC for senders. KYC is also known as “Know Your customer” and is a process where banks get authentic and personal information on their clients/customers. Prepaidmall allows all senders to instantly complete KYC.

A very user-friendly money transfers platform: It ensures safe payments and takes little time.

Prepaidmall, an income-generating platform that allows you to begin your career by only investing a small amount, is a great option. Our company makes it possible for users to start a business by investing as low as Rs.1000. We believe in making more with less. Online business entry is now much easier and more efficient than traditional business. Prepaidmall can ensure smooth operation of your online company by eliminating all sorts of uncertainties and risks.

It makes online money transactions safer, more secure, and removes all complexities. It makes it simple to become an agent for Domestic Money Transfer. To become a money transmitter retailer, you must pay a small activation cost to our company. You can then access all the benefits and services associated with it. 

Debit Card or Net Banking can be used to make cash transactions. As a money transfers agent, you will be able monitor and manage the money transactions of your investors. You can also maintain the investor’s account and resolve any problems.

 Prepaidmall lets you earn a commission each time a customer uses Prepaidmall’s services. While each service’s commission structure may differ, Prepaidmall guarantees high commissions and profits for all retailers. The number you complete for your customers is a major factor in determining the size of your commissions. To illustrate, if a customer asks you for Rs. Prepaidmallwill pay you approximately 1% commission on each transaction when 100 transactions are made via your agent portal. This means that you will get a commission of approximately 50paise to Rs on every money transfer. 

1.There is an additional commission for each transaction. 1.There is a commission on every transaction. A fixed service charge of 1 % inclusive GST is required by money transfer agents. The guidelines for Banking Correspondent are to be followed. Any changes in these guidelines will be informed to the customer.

Prepaidmall began with the mission to create a safe platform that is user-friendly for the many Semi-Urban Indian end users. Established in 2013, the Fintech firm has built an impressive community of over 25,000 sellers. Prepaidmall has a network that covers over 125 of India’s 739 regions. Prepaidmall offers an impressive range of products. It covers everything a semiurban Indian could need, from DTH and mobile phone recharges to insurance,  BBPS Bills payments to AEPS, even domestic money remittances. Their pride in their countrymen is evident as the team is 100% committed to delivering any services that are required.