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Bill Payments, The Government provided one-stop shopping for all bill payment requirements.

Prepaidmall portal allows its customers to pay their utility Bill Payments for the customers. Customers need to walk up to their closest Prepaidmall retail touchpoint to also access this service. Prepaidmall is a registered representative institution under Bharat Payment System (BBPS), and also customers can avail of these services at extended hours through its retail outlets. 

The transaction is completed in real-time and also immediately reflects on the customer’s accounts. As a result, our customers enjoy the convenience of paying multiple utility bills at once, which gives them the most excellent satisfaction.

Bill Payments

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Bill Payments

Govt. Secured ecosystem for all types of bills

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Earn Convenience fee as per slab

Bill Payments

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Also, accept cash payments.



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An online bill paying service is an instant and secure electronic payment option that allows customers the ability to pay their bills without hassle. It has revolutionized how customers pay their bills. Many prefer to use online bill payment methods over traditional methods such writing cheques. All online bill pay services are linked directly to a checking accounts that can be used for one or recurring payments. Prepaidmall payment agent is a retailer that provide bill-payment services to their customers at Prepaidmall retail touchpoints

Prepaidmall, one of India’s most trusted Fintech firms, is known for its ability to provide financial assistance to citizens. Prepaidmall launched its operations in 2012 and now has over 25,000 retail locations in 125 districts all over India. The platform allows for over 200000 transactions each day, according to the latest reports. Prepaidmall lets users offer services such as AEPS (Application for Electronic Payments), Money Remittances Mobile and DTH Recharges BBPS Bill payments, Insurances and other professional services.

Prepaidmall is currently working to further increase India’s financial inclusion. This objective has been accomplished to a tremendous extent. We just want to continue providing unaffected professional assistance to all our customers, even in these difficult times. Prepaidmall has gone to great lengths and is standing by this nation in these difficult times. It is because of this that we want to assure all clients that our services will be seamless and effective. As our final words, let us hope everyone is happy, secure, and well.

To become a bill-payment agent, there are certain formalities that you have to complete. The candidate must complete an application form and attach all required documents. The applicant is eligible to become a bill payment agent after submitting all required documents.

The work of a bill-payment agent has many benefits, including extra income and high commissions. Retailers have great opportunities in the bill payment services business. Here are some of the advantages of being a bill payment agent. 2) Access to all information regarding past transactions and commissions is online. 3) You can have full control over transactions and decide when and how much you want to pay. It is easier to find all tabs with a user-friendly interface. 5) All operations are safe with online bill payment services.

Prepaidmall offers an opportunity for agents to earn money through online bill payments. Prepaidmall allows you to start your business with a small investment of Rs 1000. It was founded on the belief that ‘Invest Less to Earn More. Even though starting your business as a billing agent can present many difficulties and require you to make difficult decisions, it is possible. Online businesses are more accessible to create than traditional business models. Prepaidmall goal is to support agents using all available digital or online marketing opportunities. All you require is an internet connection for bill payment services.

Customers can choose from different cash handling services. All services offer without activation fees. Prepaidmall allows you to register as a bill-payment agent. Bill payment agent registration with Prepaidmall will enable agents to use online payment methods such as net banking and debit cards. It also helps them to increase their trading limit. Prepaidmall bill payment agents earn a substantial commission every time a customer uses Prepaidmall commission structure reflects the unique nature of its services

Prepaidmall provides a fantastic opportunity to make extra money by becoming a payment agent. It can help any candidate interested in becoming a bill agent by following these steps. 1) The candidate must register as a Prepaidmall Retailer. 2) Registered retailers will need to upload the required documents. After registration is completed successfully, the retailer will receive a BBPS active plan for free. 4) Retailers can open their business by making bill payment for customers. Required documents along with the application form to register as bill payment agents are: Passport size photos. 2) PAN card 3) An address proof. All of these documents are necessary to register as a bill pay agent. These are the requirements for becoming a Prepaidmall bill-payment agent.